About bang-on

Rejane Galley, a Swiss national from Brazil

Rejane is the founder of bang-on “Print and Drink”. Back in 2011 she took over Bang-On Shirts and Accessories, printing shirts and other textiles. Over time she gathered plenty of experience in textile printing and design, but something was missing and she decided to give Zurich a little bit of the Brazillian essence.

As an art painter, nature loving and health minded person, she expanded her business and launched Bang-on "Print and Drink' with a taste of her home country, bringing typical healthy Brazilian cuisine to Zurich. She successfully introduced a new concept: fresh pressed juices, smoothies, tapioca and superfoods such as açaí bowls and mixed energy drinks.

Thus a charming Brazillian Bistro was created in the textile shop. Rejane invested a lot of creative effort to decorate the bistro giving a special and unique touch. Mixing brazilllian folklore art and her own abstract painting she offers a unique bistro experience in the city of Zurich.

Our Services


We print onto T-shirts and other textiles such as wall hangings and aprons. To do this we use various printing methods, including digital printing and foil printing. Our standard method is digital printing, where the desired motif is printed directly on the textile surface.

On request we print the motif on a foil which is then transferred to the T-shirt using heat. All these prints are colour-fast and robust, but the washing instructions given out at the time of purchase must be followed.


In true Brazilian style, we offer a healthy and natural selection of food and drinks; from tapioca and açaí bowls to desserts and salads, from smoothies and açaí drinks to detox juices and alcohol-free cocktails. The drinks and food are freshly prepared and can be enjoyed in our bistro shop itself.