Our healthy drinks promote your well-being 

All our juices are freshly pressed/mixed with fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether you choose our “Bossa nova”, “Soul Power” or “Bombastic”, we have the drink to suit every taste. Our very special drink is the açaí juice.

Açaí, our specialty

Açaí is a small reddish-purple drupe consisting of a cluster of seeds harvested from a tall, slender palm tree found in the Amazon rainforest. These berries are quite perishable, but have a significant nutritional value.

Açaí berries are very healthy, antioxidant, energy booster, aphrodisiac, high in fiber and has anti-aging effect. Since the health benefits of the berry became known, it has been taken for many health reasons. Athletes also value the açaí berry, drinking açaí as a smoothie or mixed with banana, red fruits and served in a bowl.

In our Brazil Bistro we offer the açaí as a typical Brazilian speciality.

Try our healthy drinks to promote your well-being.

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