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Our printing service, individual and fast

We individualize textiles and other items: T-shirts, upright towels, aprons and more. We print logos, texts, photos, even the logo of your company. Our printing service can be used for private events and personal requests: club and group events, birthdays, bachelor parties, sports tournaments and tailor-made gifts.


The customer brings his picture / motif or photo on a UBS stick or sends it via e-mail. He can also choose his motif on the Internet. There are several fun-to-flip books in the shop that contain various motifs. The self-selected motifs, numbers and letters give the shirt a personal flair.


T-shirt print

(only on T-shirt heel color and white)

With our Brother Digitalprinter we print the motif directly on the textile, be it a T-shirt or any other fabric. The customer brings his motif as a file of the usual type (PDF, JPEG or PSD with 300 dpi), which is then transmitted directly to the digital printer. The print is washfast.


This printer prints good quality fabrics according to the digital template. It is recommended to choose white cotton for T-shirts.

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